Did you know that just as “the eyes are the windows to the soul,” your commercial windows are the eyes into your business (metaphorically)? Investing in office window cleaning services can be the key to presenting a positive impression of your company. 

The state of your property, including the windows, highlights the level of professionalism you provide. So let’s take a look at the top six window cleaning tips that can help draw the right kind of attention!

Choose the Right Equipment

For office window cleaning services in the GTA, a commercial property requires more than just soap and water. In addition to ladders and scaffolding, cleaning commercial windows calls for specialized solutions, scrapers, and squeegees. Hiring professionals will ensure the right equipment is used to clean and protect your windows from the harsh environmental elements summertime brings. 

Choose a Cloudy Day

For a professional clean, windows must be attended to in the right weather conditions. Touching windows in the sunlight leads to streaks, while the coolness of the shade can cause windows to appear dull. When considering window cleaning services for the summer months, remember that the professionals will be more apt to perform the task on cloudy days. 

Use a Razor Blade on Windows

It isn’t just raindrop streaks, pollen, and dirt that can cover your windowpanes. Bird droppings, dead insects, and debris can quickly harden. Properly using a razor blade at just the right angle and pressure can easily lift these stubborn stains. Window cleaning experts can attend to your window without causing scratches and damage. 

Use Effective Cleaners

The key to a clean window is in the cleaning solution used. Toronto window cleaning services understand the importance of using the appropriate cleaner. Their knowledge of what solution works not only to clean but also to protect your windows can help to extend the longevity of the glass, the windowsill, and the surrounding framework. 

Clean Your Screens

Screened windows need extra care and attention, as the screens should be removed for proper cleaning. Each screen should be lightly brushed, rinsed, and gently washed with a soapy solution before another rinse. To prevent droplets on the newly cleaned window, the screen should be completely dry before reattachment. 

Rinse Your Windows with Bubbles

Professional window cleaners have tricks to ensure they provide the best customer service. Depending on the company, and the number of windows, the use of bubbles to rinse the windows produces a streak-free result. Carbonated and demineralized water both have a similar power to produce a bubbly solution.

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