Contrary to popular belief, it is essential to invest in window cleaning services for your business in the winter. Year-round window services can help save you money, boost production, and provide an overall improvement to the aesthetics of retail, commercial, and industrial structures. 

Top Reasons for Commercial Window Cleaning During the Winter

Commercial window cleaning services are as important to the health and safety of employees and clientele as the regularly scheduled cleaning services of the interior of the building. While the warmer months can cause a build-up of dirt, dust, and debris, the cold winter months offer their own unique complications. 

Warm Up Your Workspace with Sunlight

Having regular office window cleaning services can ensure the valuable natural sunlight can continue to stream into the room. Winter weather limits access to the essential Vitamin D we require during the long dark cold months. Clean windows help to invite in the available sunlight, which can boost the mood and health of workers. 

Messy Windows Can Result in Costly Repairs

Allowing the dirt, dust, and debris from becoming encrusted onto the windowpanes and along the sill can damage the surfaces. Scratches, indentations, and nicks from the wind, snow, and rain tossing the sand and salt can lead to costly repairs and/or replacements. 

Increase Sales by Attracting Customers

Inside and out, the aesthetics of any office, retail store, or other commercial building can have a significant affect on clientele. Using commercial cleaning services, including window cleaning, can help assure customers that every detail of your business is professionally maintained and addressed. This can help boost sales and enhance a business’ reputation. 

Lowers Heating Costs

The warmth of the sunlight gleaming through the windows can also help reduce heating power, thus lowering energy bills. In Ontario, we often have less daylight hours due to the shorter days and higher risk of stormy weather in the winter. That said, you should never underestimate the sun! The strength of the sun’s rays is strong during the winter and can provide a significant amount of warmth to a room. 

Improve Windows’ Lifespan

Yes, windows do have a timespan depending on the care and maintenance received, most specifically, cleaning. Windows receive a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. In the winter, ice buildup and the aftermath of salt and sand can weaken the sill and the protective coating of the glass pane(s). Regular cleaning with proper techniques and products can extend the lifespan of the window glass and framework, reducing the need for frequent replacement. 

Important Tips for Commercial Window Cleaning in the Winter

It never seems to fail; as soon as you have your windows professionally cleaned, a storm arrives and poof, the windows are dirty again. During the periods between the regularly scheduled cleanings, janitorial cleaning specialists in Toronto can offer several tips to keep your windows clean and free from frost during the winter months. 

Check the Weather

Before any plan to spot wash the interior and exterior windows, check the weather forecast. The first rule of window cleaning is to never wash a window in direct sunlight. Choose an overcast day free from rain and snow to wash any glass surface. During the winter months, exterior surfaces should be cleaned when the temperature are above freezing. 

Use the Correct Window Cleaning Equipment and Techniques

Cold temperatures can hamper efforts to wash the outside windows. Use a solution of warm water and rubbing alcohol or windshield cleaner designed for temperatures below freezing. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and be equipped with a squeegee (or sea sponge), paper towels, and a soft cloth for a finishing polish. For snowy window sills, remove all ice and snow before cleaning. 

Dress in Warm Clothes During Window Cleaning

Have you ever noticed the clothing worn by commercial janitorial cleaning crews? They are dressed in warm layers with waterproof gloves. Comfort and warmth are key when cleaning the outside of a building during the winter. While feeling the cold may make you move faster, it can also affect your safety. 

Wash All Dust and Debris from the Windows

Depending on the state of the windows and the time lapsed since the last professional cleaning, there may be a significant amount of dirt and grime to remove. Wash away all dirt and debris, as well as any snow and ice buildup, before giving the windows a good cleaning. In most cases, this can be done with the use of a damp cloth. 

Don’t Use Hot Water to Clean Windows

NEVER use hot water, whether from a bucket or sprayer, on windows, especially during the cold winter months. Both single and insulated multi-glass panes can easily crack with the use of hot water. Always use lukewarm or cold water to wash windows. 

Work Fast to Avoid Frosts During Cleaning

While it is advisable to clean interior and exterior windows during the mild days of winter, this is not always feasible. If windows are to be touched up or cleaned during frigid days, be prepared to work fast, but efficiently, to avoid frosting of the glass. Adding temperature-resistant solutions to the water may help. 

Wipe the Windows from Top to Bottom

Begin at the top of the window and corners before working in a downward motion. If using a squeegee, be sure to wipe dry the rubberized part after each stroke. Larger windows may need to be sectioned in portions to ensure the glass doesn’t frost. 

Prevent Accidents by Hiring Commercial Window Cleaning Professionals in Toronto

For winter window cleaning services in the GTA, talk to the experts at Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists. We offer regular window cleaning services scheduled around your timeline in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Our highly trained technicians use only industrial-grade eco-friendly EPA-approved cleaning products and provide quality workmanship. Contact us for a free on-site estimate and to discuss how we can help keep your business clean.