No matter how hard we try, we cannot disinfect every inch of surfaces, particularly in large environments such as commercial and industrial settings. That’s where the use of commercial electrostatic disinfection spraying in Toronto comes in. 

As an effective sanitization technique, electrostatic disinfection spraying is one of the major tools used by airlines to quickly, but efficiently, disinfect airplanes, walkways, and objects. For businesses, this spray can cover everything from walls and desks to light switch plates. 

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying? 

Electrostatic disinfection spraying is a method of decontaminating large areas such as factories, malls, gyms, hospitals, public office buildings, and schools. 

This amazing technology comes down to the wonders of science. An electrostatic applicator releases a negative charge to the solution as it flows through the nozzle. These charged particles are attracted to the intended surface rather than dropping to the floor, due to the polarity difference. 

This electrostatic power technology has been used in different industries such as farming and automotive since the early 1900s. Think of it being used to spray paint a car in a shop or factory. 

Today, it can be used to help lower the spread of contagious contaminants as those seen in recent years of the pandemic. This same technology can help to “clean” playground equipment, offices, and nursing home equipment such as wheelchairs and beds.

While it is not used to remove soil and dirt from surfaces, it disinfects as it covers the area. Deemed safe for use in public areas and around pets by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studies suggest it is effective to combat viruses.

Why Do You Need Electrostatic Disinfection Spraying for Your Offices in Toronto?

Using electrostatic disinfection spraying may benefit your Toronto office in more ways than one. This type of disinfection is done in high-traffic areas to reduce bacteria and virus transmission. High-traffic areas equal high-touch surfaces which require cleaning and disinfecting.

Electrostatic disinfection spraying needs no preparation by employees as the solution forms a dry barrier on surfaces. There is no moisture or wetness to damage furnishings, computers, sensitive documents, or fixtures. In fact, the application can be done to food preparation areas such as counters, tables, and near pantries.

Continue reading to learn more about how electrostatic spraying in the GTA can help your business.

Saves Time and Energy

Cleaning takes time, effort, and money. Hiring a janitorial cleaning crew is a step ahead of having your staff work overtime to clean at night but is it really enough? Save more money by having the office properly disinfected the first time with the use of electrostatic spraying.

This type of disinfecting is faster, which is great in the business world where time means money. Electrostatic also uses less product than regular disinfecting, saving effort and money. In a 5,000-square-foot office, it would normally take approximately three hours to disinfect MOST surfaces. With electrostatic spraying, the entire office can be done in less than one hour.

Provides Peace of Mind

People want to feel safe and secure when going to work or visiting public buildings. Electrostatic spraying can give your employees and your clientele peace of mind, knowing they are well protected when stepping into your place of work.

This can all lead to boosting the reputation of your leadership and business in the eyes of staff, and both existing and potential clientele. Not to mention your role in your community.

Reduces Chemical Waste 

Electrostatic spraying for commercial offices in the GTA can actually reduce the use of chemical waste. Most cleaning products have a high level of toxins that can be harmful to people and the environment. Disinfecting can take a lot of chemical spray but with electrostatic power, only a small amount is required. This cuts down on airborne toxins as well as the residue left behind. It should also be noted this form of disinfecting is safe for operators and anyone within the vicinity of the spraying. 

Improves Your Environmental Impact

Every business is aware of leaving behind their carbon footprint and what that can mean for their future business. Electrostatic spraying can help to improve the impact your company may have on the environment. 

Regular use of harsh chemicals can cause airborne pollutants to settle into our soil and water. Electrostatic power prevents airborne contaminants. By using less solution, fewer containers will be needed to be filled, reducing packaging supplies. The transportation normally used to ship massive loads of containers will also be lowered, which can have an impact on carbon emissions. 

Eliminates the Risk of Virus Spread

By having a professional electrostatic disinfection spraying service, the risk of having transmission of viruses and bacteria infections is reduced. Pathogens grow quickly within the right environments. Cross-contamination is a problematic issue in most office settings, regardless of cleaning tactics. 

Electrostatic disinfecting literally covers all spaces and bases when it comes to eliminating the risk of viruses. This tool not only protects the general public but helps staff from becoming ill and reduces loss of productivity. The use of an electrostatic sprayer for Toronto businesses may be a positive way to keep the momentum going. 

Covers More Areas

The most experienced commercial cleaning crew cannot always properly clean hard-to-reach spots and remove all contaminants. The power of an electrostatic device is able to treat large areas, corners, and cover nooks and crannies. As we pointed out, the coverage area is much larger than other cleaning and disinfecting tools. The sprayer gives a 360-degree coverage to any object or area. 

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