We all have become accustomed to using hand sanitizer, masks, disinfectant wipes, and social distancing in recent years. But is it enough? With waves of COVID-19 becoming the norm today, hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business may be the next step in keeping your business open and your employees and clients safe.

Whether you have been open throughout the pandemic or preparing to welcome the world back in your doors, now is the time to take your cleaning to the next level. Don’t take chances with household products when your business depends on offering a safe and healthy atmosphere. Professional commercial cleaning services have the know-how and tools to comply with local health guidelines and keep your business running.

What Are Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto? 

Toronto commercial cleaning services offer professional and knowledgeable technicians to ensure your workspace is safe, free from germs, and presented in immaculate condition. The goal of these services is to provide your employees and clients with a healthy atmosphere. Cleaning staff should be insured and bonded, trained in advanced safety and health regulations, and most of all, treat your business as if it’s their own.

The Importance of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

There are several factors to consider when contemplating whether or not to choose a commercial cleaning company. Professional cleaning companies adhere to local health and safety regulations, have the proper equipment and supplies, and the experience of cleaning both small and large retail and office spaces.

Furthermore, employees of commercial services are properly trained in the appropriate cleaning measures and can work around your office hours or schedule. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured company as they become a sub-company to yours. 

Higher Quality Cleaning

Each time your space is cleaned by a professional service, consider it as a deep clean of the surfaces. This is important now than ever in today’s world with variants of the coronavirus popping up. By having professionals regularly giving your business a thorough clean, your employees and clients will feel more at ease.

Touchpoint surfaces such as desks, doorknobs, elevator buttons, reception areas, stair railings, breakrooms, and high-traffic sales areas should be focused on. Other cleaning services may include deep cleaning of upholstery, air ducts, tile floors, drapery, and carpets. 

Positive Impression to Both Clients and Employees

A clean office speaks volumes to not only your employees but to customers and visitors as well. An unsanitary and untidy space makes it hard for employees to focus on their work and gives a negative impression to clients. 

By choosing a professional cleaning service, you are telling the world you respect everyone who enters your doors by maintaining a clean and healthy atmosphere.

Cleaning with No Worries

Another reason why a business needs a professional cleaning service is that it ensures that the employees are focusing only on their duties, not cleaning their workspace. Their focus should be the necessary tasks that can help your company grow.

Concerned about chemical odours or heavy scents? Perhaps you require environment friendly cleaning products? Many commercial cleaning services offer products to keep the world, and your employees, safe. 

Boosts your Reputation

First impressions are everything and by presenting a clean work environment, your clients may have more faith in your business. This refers to the inside and outside of your building. 

Word of mouth has been proven to be one of the forms of communication that can make or break a business. By providing a clean, safe, and healthy workspace, your employees will boast about it to their family and friends. And they tell two people, and so on and so on. Your customers and clients will also notice the clean space and do the same. 

Employee Productivity Is Boosted 

Do you feel productive sitting while things are untidy and messy at home? Probably not. Think of your workspace as your second home. Ensuring your employees’ space is clean and inviting will boost productivity. 

This has been shown in recent studies on various global markets. One 2018 study on productivity and office cleanliness found 94% of employees surveyed were more productive in a properly cleaned atmosphere. A business with happy employees attracts more business based on employee online reviews and word of mouth. 

It Helps You Save Both Time and Money

While you may think hiring professional cleaners is going to take a bite out of the company budget, look at it as an investment. Leaving the job to the experts allows your employees to focus on their own work instead of cleaning. The cost of common use of over-the-shelf cleaning products can add up over time. A professional cleaner also has the knowledge and techniques to do the job right the first time, in less time.

Help to Create a Healthier Workplace

A clean office not only boosts productivity, but it also promotes a healthy workspace for your employees, and clients. Long before COVID-19 became a concern, workplaces were notorious for the spread of colds and flus due to germs. This led to sick days and a decrease in productivity.

A regularly scheduled cleaning service can help to prevent the spread of illness and germs with the use of proper sanitation and disinfectant cleaners. 

Looking to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto? Contact Swift Maintenance!

To maintain a safe and healthy workspace, depend on Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialist‘s janitorial services to provide efficient and professional cleaning on-site. For more than 30 years, our technicians have used safe products and equipment to keep Toronto and the GTA clean and healthy.

We are fully insured and bonded, have WSIB clearance, and are recognized by Avetta Marketplace. We adhere to several specific safety standards including WHMIS and the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act for industrial establishments.
Before you type “cleaning services near me”, contact us today for a free onsite evaluation to determine the type of cleaning services that are appropriate for your workplace.