By hiring professional janitorial cleaning services, a business is investing in more than just a clean working space. Janitorial cleaning services in Toronto promote productivity and support the physical and mental health of employees and customers.

The importance of having professional janitorial cleaning services is evident, especially in recent years. Below we list seven main factors to consider of when deciding whether it’s time to hire janitorial cleaning services for your business in Toronto.

The Staff Spend Too Much Time Cleaning 

Any length of time staff members spend cleaning is too much time. To be honest, employees are hired to perform particular tasks related to supporting and boosting your business, not to clean. Taking the time to clean shared spaces like the kitchen, printer room, or washrooms within the office can lead to a drop in morale, not to mention productivity. 

You Are Hesitant to Invite Customers Over

First impressions are important to any business, regardless of their nature. Even if your employees maintain a clutter-free workspace, clientele will notice unkept areas, dirty floors, and a buildup of dust. 

Professional janitorial cleaning specialists in Toronto know what it takes to create a welcoming space for both employees and clientele. If your business depends on providing a place for clients, make sure the workspace is tidy, sanitized, and clean enough to pass anyone’s expectations. 

Productivity Is Down

A study by Staples Advantage Canada found that 94% of participants are more productive in clean working conditions with 77% claiming they produce a higher quality of work. Productivity is directly related to the morale of the employees. Most people can’t concentrate, let alone produce quality work, if surrounded by an untidy and dirty environment. 

Sick Time Is Increasing

Aside from the adverse effect on your employees’ work, an unclean office can see a rise in sick days by multiple employees. Common colds and flu (especially during the flu season) are expected and usually don’t have too much of an effect on businesses that maintain a clean workspace. 

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services use the appropriate tools to destroy harmful germs and bacteria. A clean office cannot prevent all illnesses, but it can cutdown on airborne pathogens, dust, and allergens that can trigger symptoms. 

The Dirt Is Increasing Everyday

Another sign your business may require professional cleaning services is when you notice a buildup of dirt and dust. Let’s not forgot all the dirt and dust you can’t see, such as on light fixtures, behind desks and filing cabinets, and within the crevices of the floor and walls!

Maintaining a dust-free zone throughout the workspace takes the knowledge and skills of professional cleaning services. By hiring a regularly scheduled service, the office dust and dirt will be kept at bay, reducing the risk of illness while increasing productivity. 

You Avoid Certain Areas

A business workspace may provide various areas for specific uses such as a breakroom, a kitchenette, or a games room. If you notice that your staff members are purposely avoiding these areas, it may be due to the lack of cleanliness. 

Non-use of these areas may scream it is time to hire cleaning and janitorial services in Toronto. If your own employees do not want to use the facilities because of the filth, how will visiting clientele feel?

You Are Not Happy with the Current Janitorial Cleaning Company

It is time to hire a new cleaning service if the current janitorial service isn’t up to your standards. Do you notice that a new cleaning crew is onsite every month? This can signal an issue within the current cleaning company if turnover is frequent. 

For your business, it is important for the hired cleaning service to know and understand your current needs. This may be lost among constant changes in their staffing. Make sure to find out if the proper products are being used and whether they are efficient for the job. For the health and safety of your employees and clients, it is crucial that the cleaning products used are environmentally friendly. 

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