A condominium building sees hundreds of people moving throughout it on a daily basis. Residents, maintenance works, visitors, delivery drivers, and emergency personnel are constantly using the common areas. Hiring a condominium cleaning professional in Toronto is a top priority and simply the best investment a property manager can do. 

High-traffic areas such as the entrance, lobby, mailroom, hallways, and amenity rooms can quickly become areas of concern with cleanliness and the safety of everyone who uses the building. 

Condo building cleaning is more specialized than the regular maintenance and cleaning of a house, office, or other commercial building. Property managers need to ensure each space within the condominium building leaves a positive lasting impression while extending the longevity and integrity of the structure. 

Why Do You Need Professionals for Condo Cleaning Services?

Condo cleaning services should improve the aesthetics of the building as well as convey a professional representation while work is in progress. The idea behind having a specialized cleaner is to present the highest standard of cleanliness, safety, and professionalism to all those who enter and live within the condominium building. 

Only commercial cleaning services with experience in maintaining a condominium building understand the unique qualities of this type of “community”. Cleaning service workers are able to professionally interact with residents and staff as well as those temporary visiting the building. 

The type of specialized equipment and products used to provide a thorough cleaning of a condominium building requires the knowledge and proficiency of qualified people. It takes tools of the trade to ensure all areas of the building are well maintained and looked after. 

Working with professional equipment and products also requires comprehensive liability insurance. Regular cleaning services do not have sufficient coverage in event of a fall or accident by a cleaning worker or by a resident or visiting member of the condominium. 

Basic Services Offered by Condominiums Cleaning Professionals

Commercial cleaning can be scheduled to be done with minimal interruption to residents and staff. Various condo building maintenance services offer upkeep, deep cleaning, and repairs and maintenance apart from their basic services. 

Depending on the arrangement made, there are a few main services a property manager can expect from a professional cleaning service

Cleaning High-Traffic and Public Spaces

Due to the condominium building’s high traffic, the common areas and public spaces can quickly become contaminated with dirt, dust, and airborne pollutants. These areas require cleaning of stairways, dusting of walls, ceilings, and lighting fixtures, vacuuming of floors, disinfecting touch surfaces, and emptying of trash. 

Clubhouse and Pool Area Cleaning

It takes the expertise and specialized training of a professional cleaning crew to undertake the task of cleaning a clubhouse and pool area. In addition to focusing on sanitizing the bathrooms, pool devices, and furnishings, these areas of a condo building require a transformation into appearing brand-new. 

Clean the Lobby and Reception Area 

The busiest, and therefore the most important, area to cover with condo building cleaning services is the lobby and reception vicinity. Dubbed as the area of highest traffic within the building, this portion requires a deep clean each and every day, if not more than once per day. From the windows and doors to the counters and chairs, the lobby and reception area require focused concentration with a cleaning service. 

Maintain and Repair Building Systems

Many people are unaware a condominium building cleaning service may offer maintenance and repairs services. While major repairs to the elevators and escalators may be contracted to a commercial service, the cleaning service tends to exchanging lightbulbs, air filters, doorknobs, and damaged tiles or walls. 

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

With the countless number of occupants and visitors of a condominium building on a daily basis, disinfection of high-touch surfaces is key to everyone’s health and safety. Disinfection services for condos can include but are not limited to, door handles, keypads, handrails, elevator buttons, tables, and faucets. Objects in common areas such as sports gear, gym equipment, and toys are also regularly disinfected.  

Clean Floors and Carpets

Condominium cleaning professionals in Toronto also ensure the flooring and carpet areas of the building are clean and kept intact. Aside from the regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping of floors, cleaning professionals will ensure all hazardous spills, damaged tiles, or worn spots of the carpeting are quickly attended to in order to prevent accidents. 

Clean the Common Area Windows and Baseboards

Interior window cleaning for condos is another important service a professional company will provide. While pets and children can easily smudge the lower portions of windows, airborne dust and hair particles can also settle on the glass. The windows, windowsills, framework, and baseboards are cleaned and treated on a daily basis. 

Remove the Dirt and Debris

Removing dirt and debris that is visible to the naked eye is a common cleaning service to provide a clean presence as well as prevent allergens. Dusting and cleaning the airflow vents and slates is important, as is exchanging the air filters periodically. In addition, a professional cleaning service will attend to any stubborn grime or stains on floors, walls, and upholstered furnishings. 

Contact Swift Maintenance in Toronto for Condo Building Cleaning

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