Looking for before and post-Thanksgiving cleaning tips for your office? As most offices often are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday (Monday), it’s a great opportunity to have the building thoroughly cleaned. Whether you choose to hire office cleaning services in Toronto or you have an in-house cleaning crew, below are some helpful tips to create a cleaning checklist for the office pre- and post-Thanksgiving. 

Deep Clean Your Office Carpets

An office sees an excessive amount of foot traffic over a short time period. Before a holiday weekend, such as Thanksgiving, consider having the carpets or laminate flooring undergo a deep clean. For proper removal of dirt and germs, have a carpet cleaning service do the job or use specialized equipment if you have it. 

Wipe Out All The Stains & Spills From the Office

One of the biggest cleaning tips for offices before the Thanksgiving holiday is the basic cleaning of any wet and dried spills from food and beverages. Check floors under desks and tables for unknown spills of coffee or tea. It is important to remove any stains on clothed chairs, benches, and carpeting. Not only will a clean area be more sanitary, but it will also give a better impression to staff and visitors. 

Dispose of All the Waste

Daily removal of trash cans with food items and packaging should be a number one rule in every office. With the office closed for at least three days for Thanksgiving weekend, it is imperative all waste disposals be emptied and taken to an outside compactor or bin. If there is an office Thanksgiving party, remember to remove all used paper or plastic cups, plates, and napkins. Ensure two people are enlisted to remove all trash bags before the office doors are locked. 

Clean the Restrooms in the Office

The restrooms are often another overlooked spot in the office. Maintaining a clean and disinfected bathroom is an important method to keep viruses and illnesses at bay in the workspace. Remove the trash and any debris as well as clean the mirrors, sink, toilet, and flooring. Restock any missing or low inventory of paper towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers. Check for any needed maintenance repairs too. Be sure to have any repairs fixed before the holiday weekend to prevent further damage, especially if it involves tripping hazards or plumbing issues.

Clean and Disinfect High-Traffic Areas

A thorough cleaning and sanitization of high-traffic areas of the office before the holiday can make it easier to return to work. Organize loose papers and office supplies before disinfecting and cleaning high-touch surfaces such as desks, tables, doors, and any existing railings. The most efficient way to ensure all high-traffic areas are covered is to walk through the office beginning at the front door. This can give you a view of what visitors see. 

Pay Special Attention to the Refrigerators and Kitchens

Daily use of a kitchenette can mean crumbs, food particles, and dried-up liquids are overlooked. Before a weekend, especially a holiday weekend like Thanksgiving, be sure to pay attention to the kitchen area. Deep clean the countertop, tables, chairs, and floors. Don’t forget about scouring the sink! One particular area to give extra cleaning attention to is the refrigerator. Remove any close-to or expired food and beverages. Wipe down the shelving and inside doors of the refrigerator and sweep the spaces between it and the counter. 

Hire Office Cleaning Professionals for Your Office in Toronto

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