Since you are able to clean up the mess left behind after a home DIY project, post-construction cleanup should be easy, right? Wrong! There is a reason—in fact, many reasons—why post-construction services exist.

Construction cleanup after building or renovation projects requires specific skills and tools. The safety and health of you and your employees could be at risk. Let’s look at the top reasons to avoid DIY cleaning after any form of construction job.

The Loss of Valuable Time

Time is money and commercial cleaning services in Toronto can help save you both. The enormous scale of a cleanup equates to hours of sorting through disposable and recyclable items. Commercial construction entails renovating a large space that, again, requires time to ensure all debris, dust, and materials are removed.

Extra Work and Hassles

Preparing for the construction requires time, money, and effort to enlist building services, remove furnishings, and design the best layout plan. A construction cleanup service can manage the aftermath of a renovation, alleviating the added headaches and physical labour of reorganizing the space.

Possible Injuries

While many people consider the dangers during a construction project, few realize the possible hazards in the cleanup process. When researching “a construction cleanup service near me,” check for job site safety records, insurance coverage, and qualifying licenses of the employees. Removal of materials increases the risk of injuries, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Health Risks

In addition to the risk of injuries in post-construction cleanup, there are also the health risks to consider. Building materials can contain toxic particles that, if inhaled, can cause respiratory issues. Buildup of dust and use of specialized cleaners can cause health issues. A professional cleaning service will take precautions to remove all hazardous airborne pollutants and materials safely.

Issues with Garbage Collection

Post-construction cleanup requires more than just the use of regular garbage bags to remove unused materials. All materials, including concrete, appliances, and debris, must be properly disposed of in accordance with local environmental laws. Many construction materials require special permits and scheduled trips to the appropriate disposal sites. 

Unavailability of the Right Tools

If you are considering a DIY post-construction cleanup, do you have the proper tools? A broom and mop will not be able to handle the debris and substances that will be spread across the site. Janitorial cleaning specialists in Toronto will have state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to remove stains, spills, and dust from every nook and cranny, including the air vents. 

Hire Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialist in Toronto for Post-Construction Cleanup

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