Now is the time for office cleaning services in Toronto, before the cold damp Winter weather sets in. The changing of the seasons requires a deep and thorough clean of the office, including rooms that may not be used frequently.  

Clean & Prepare Office Floors and Entryways

Winter office cleaning can be compared to the annual Fall cleaning we do at home, in preparation for the season. It is important to remove stubborn stains and dirt from bare floors and carpeting before we begin to track in mud, slush, and snow from the upcoming season. 

Learn How to Eliminate Salt

Commercial salt compounds are used to keep employees and visitors safe outside along the walkway and parking lots. This salt is tracked through the carpeting and when it dries, it forms an unsightly white stain. Use a salt neutralizer cleaner on spots before the harsh chemicals of the salt damage the fibers of the carpeting. 

Disinfect High Traffic Areas on a Regular Basis

Professional cleaning services in Toronto have become an essential part of offices, retail shops, and homes to combat viruses, especially after the pandemic. Between commercial cleaning services, have doorknobs, handles, lobbies, and conference rooms cleaned throughout the day. 

Deep Clean Office Carpets 

Create an office cleaning checklist in the Winter to ensure all high-touch surfaces and nooks and crannies are cleaned. Before the Winter season, have carpeted areas and mats deep cleaned with a commercial shampoo service. This will remove any dirt before snow and slush is matted into the fabric. 

Maintain Clean and Healthy Air in the Office

Office cleaning services in Toronto should include regular maintenance and cleaning of air filters and systems. The air filter and air ducts are prime places for dirt and dust to settle and collect. Using HEPA filters, humidifiers, and thorough cleaning techniques can reduce the risk of respiratory illness. 

Regularly Eliminate Dust from Workplaces

Depending on when commercial cleaning and sanitation services are scheduled, the office may need regular dusting two to three times a week by a designated cleaner. Regular dusting can help prevent respiratory conditions of irritation and allergies in the workplace. 

Give More Attention to Window Cleaning 

With windows remaining closed for the season, you may find more indoor dust and microorganisms in the air, settling on windows and ledges. It is recommended to have a thorough cleaning of the windows before the cold weather begins. 

Hire Professional Office Cleaning Services

When searching for “cleaning services near me”, rely on a reputable company that uses safe and effective products and advanced technology. The health and safety of you, your employees, and customers depend on having professionals perform the task with minimal interruption. 

Contact Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists in Toronto for Commercial Office Cleaning 

Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists offers commercial cleaning services in Toronto. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to provide extensive cleaning and disinfection services. Talk to us today to discuss how we can help keep your business clean.