Salt stains are a curse for everyone in Ontario! While the harsh salt chemicals are needed to melt the snow and ice in the winter, they leave behind a chalky white stain on clothes and carpets. Not only does it look bad and unprofessional, but if left untreated salt could seriously damage your commercial carpets. But don’t panic! Reputable office carpet cleaning services have the knowledge and proper equipment to remove salt stains without damaging the fibers of the carpet. 

Why Does Salt Stain Office Carpets?

Salt absorbs moisture from the air both indoors and outdoors. The affected areas of the carpeting remain wet, absorbing more dirt. Certain salt products also leave an oily film on the carpet fibers, increasing the risk of soiled spots. 

The harsh chemicals used to manufacture salt products range from calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, and magnesium carbonate. Salt and carpet stain remover cleaners are highly alkaline. When carpet cleaning products bond with salt molecules, an activation occurs, causing the salt to deepen into the fibers. Without prompt attention, the carpet fibers will wear down and holes can appear over time. 

How to Remove Salt Stains Using Different Methods and Products

Salt products are necessary for the safety of everyone using the company parking lot and walkways. Stomping off the salt or changing footwear once you enter the building can reduce the amount of salt brought in, but some can also be tracked throughout the office on pant cuffs. 

Regular vacuuming can help loosen the components of the salt crystals for better removal. Using a mixture of water and vinegar to apply to the stain may lift the bulk of the white residue when blotted with a sponge. Carpet shampoo formulated to target salt stains may also be applied directly on the spot before a commercial vacuum is used.

The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning for Businesses

Carpet cleaning services provide a healthier environment as well as an aesthetically pleasing workspace. Both of these factors can boost production and employee morale. With regular professional cleaning services in Toronto, the air quality will improve, and you can protect the strength of the carpet fibers, extending the lifespan of the material. 

Winter carpet cleaning services are an essential service for offices and other workspaces. A reputable commercial cleaning service will provide a cost-effective estimate upon inspection of your office space. Consider hiring a professional company that offers use of modern equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products. 

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