Everyday you make choices to maintain a safe environment for staff and patients. Your cleaning service should be a top priority! So, how do you choose a cleaning company for your medical office? It takes much more than wiping down touchable surfaces and a mop-through to make a medical facility meet health and sanitary standards. 

There are key points to check off when searching for “medical office cleaning service near me”. A highly skilled and experienced cleaning company will offer safe disinfectant products, technicians trained in handling biohazards, and be professional.

Here are some tips for finding the right cleaning company for your medical facility.

Conduct a Background Investigation and Get References

As you would with any employee, a thorough background check and references is key to hiring a reliable cleaning company. Ask each company you are screening about their hiring policies, such as if they perform criminal background checks and rely on references. 

While the company may not be able to provide the names of past and existing clients due to confidentiality, it doesn’t hurt to ask other medical offices who they use and why. With a medical office setting, having trustworthy people work during, and after hours, without constant supervision is a priority. 

Check if Their Management Team Is Reliable

A professional and reliable cleaning service should have a qualified management team. Without one, there can be discrepancies and irregularities in both the communication and the quality of the work. Take note of inquiries made to the management team that handles your medical facility cleaning services and inquire about any contract discussions. 

Another element of acknowledgement by the cleaning company is open and honest communication. All your questions should be answered and handled timely with professionalism. 

Ask About Their Cleaning Inspection System

Every certified cleaning service has an inspection system that should be followed precisely to be effective. A key element is maintaining consistent standards such as frequent inspections, monitoring methods, and having a priority rating system. Confirm those involved have proper training in inspection and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure timely inspections.

The reporting method, feedback relay, and any follow-ups should also be on the cleaning service company’s priority list to avoid potential shortfalls. 

Check if They Have Liability Insurance

Every contracted service worker that is hired by your company should carry their own liability insurance. This is to guarantee you are not responsible for possible damage or injuries. It is also another piece of the puzzle to ensure you may be hiring the right cleaning company. Only a professional and certified firm would protect not only their employees but a contracting company as well. 

It would be a huge benefit if the cleaning service is able to show proof of accreditation by a healthcare organization. This would confirm any claims the company has specialized medical-grade cleaning experience.

Consider Their Education

Accreditation is key with knowing who you are trusting with your business setting. This certification verifies the business has been recognized by having formal criteria for the service provided. Training and education are part of this type of endorsement. Staff should be professionally educated in how to use various equipment supplies and hazardous materials, especially the one they may come in contact with. 

Ask What Products They Recommend for Your Business

One way to ensure you are making the right choice in cleaners is to ask questions about the products used. As a medical office trustee, you know what specialized disinfectants should be used and how they are safely handled. Cleaning experts will also know which products to recommend for your office use between cleanings.

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Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists. has the expertise, education, and professional equipment to ensure your medical office setting meets all health and safety standards. We are recognized by Avetta Marketplace, have WSIB clearance, and all technicians are insured and bonded. We follow safety standards as outlined by the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and WHMIS. 

Keeping your staff and patients in mind, our technicians focus on decontamination and sanitation throughout your office. Our hospital-grade products are safe and eco-friendly. For a free on-site estimate on medical office cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA, contact us today.