Before you and your employees can enjoy a well-deserved break this holiday season, there will be a rush to complete projects, tasks, and ensure all your clients and customers are well looked after. This doesn’t leave time for a thorough cleaning of your workspace before it is shut down for a number of days. Hiring a commercial cleaning service in Toronto can ensure the New Year welcomes new beginnings in more ways than one!

What Is Holiday Season Cleaning?

Holiday season decorations brings joy during the rush to meet deadlines, but they can also become a nuisance to daily upkeep. The needles and sap from Christmas trees, fake spray snow, and décor glitter can fall to the floor and be tracked throughout the building. This can call for extra cleaning time and supplies, which takes away from the bottom line. 

The aftermath of office parties can also require special attention. Regardless of your line of business, this is not the time to ask employees to clean up after themselves. Office cleaning services in Toronto can attend to any situation to return the office to a pristine working environment. 

How Will Cleaning Services Help You during the Holiday Season?

We cannot stress the importance, especially in these times, of maintaining a clean and safe

workspace. The winter season brings work obstacles such as end of year deadlines, an upswing in employee sick days, and delays due to inclement weather. Why allow your business to be negatively affected by these conditions?

Saves Time during the Holidays

Just like you ensure your house is in order and clean before jetting off on holiday, your work environment deserves the same attention, if not more. Rushing to get work done before closing the doors for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Ōmisoka usually has potential hazards overlooked. 

Employees work hard to finish tasks before celebrations begin so they can truly enjoy time with family and friends, both mentally and physically. The last thing they want is to spend overtime cleaning before leaving for the holidays and stressing about what is waiting for them in the new year. A professional cleaning service can help you and your employees save time in the days leading up to the break and prevent returning to the office early to clean. 

Creates a Welcoming Environment for Clients

It takes more than playing Christmas music, putting up holiday decorations, and decorating a Christmas tree to greet your customers, clients, and most importantly, your employees this time of year. Depending on your work environment, the holiday rush can cause havoc in the cleaning department with extra garbage and recycling items, and potential damage to the floors.

On top of daily sanitizing and cleaning tasks, your workspace needs to be safe for your clients and employees. Wintertime can increase the risk of slips and falls with wet floor tiles, pools of water and ice near the entryway, and loose floormats throughout the building. These issues may be attended to in the moment by your employees but the mess it brings can be tracked across the office.

With the additional salt and sand in the parking lot and on the walkway of the building, your floors can quickly become dirty and unsightly. If there is carpeting in some offices, it takes specialized cleaning equipment and solutions to remove stains before permanent damage is done. The same goes for hardwood flooring with scratches.

Saves Money on Cleaning

The holiday season can be expensive for many people, especially businesses. Aside from deep discounts expected by customers in the retail business, most employers use this time of year to say “thank you” to their hard-working employees. Fully funded Christmas parties, employee gifts and bonuses, and possible revenue loss due to the time of year may put a strain on the company budget.

Having a commercial cleaning company under a regular contract can help to avoid extra spending at the holidays. Most cleaning companies also use eco-friendly and cost-saving products to perform maintenance work.

Schedule Post-Holiday Cleanup

Don’t forget about post holiday season cleaning services! Whether it’s an office party, a special gathering for clients, or just to properly clean the workspace, a professional cleaning service can take the task in hand. It may be an extra service but think of how wonderful it will be to return to a clean and orderly building or office. 

Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we can tend to overlook small but significant matters such as proper hygiene. This goes further than basic handwashing. Between meeting and greeting clients, customers, and coworkers with handshakes, and using items like pens, germs can spread like wildfire. Having hand sanitizers available throughout the workplace as well as other safety precautions can help employees, and you, enjoy a healthy, happy holiday. 

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company this Holiday Season

As we have mentioned, everyone deserves a rest from the year’s demanding work. While a clean environment isn’t on everyone’s mind, it should be made part of your regular budget. Leave the hard work to the professionals by hiring a commercial cleaning service to work around your schedule.

When searching for “janitorial cleaning services near me”, ensure the company is bonded, insured, and can be available according to your business hours. Commercial cleaning services provide expert technicians using safe and specialized equipment to guarantee a deep clean and sanitized, hygienic environment.

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