December is always a busy time for office workers as they prepare to wind down the year’s work before closing for the holidays. This is when a commercial service of before and after office holiday party cleaning is needed. Most offices have regularly scheduled cleaning services throughout the year, which can help make preparing for an office party much simpler.

Pre-Holiday Party Cleaning Checklists for Offices in Toronto 

Before the party can begin, there is always a few tasks that need to be attended to, mainly a thorough cleaning of the office. From the floors to the furniture to the ceiling, an office party calls for clean surfaces to hanging decorations and laying out food and beverages. 

Clean Reception Area & Surfaces

When the party guests walk through the main entrance, they expect to be greeted with a clean and welcoming reception area. Remove any files, paperwork, coffee cups, and other clutter when cleaning the reception desk, chairs, and immediate area. 

Prepare Flooring with a Thorough Clean 

In Ontario, the winter months can see snow, slush, and debris tracked in throughout the office. Carpets and other flooring can quickly become slick and dirty. Having a deep cleaning of all flooring before the holiday party will not only make a great impression on guests but provide a clean atmosphere, especially if a dance floor is created!

Clean & Restock Restrooms 

Commercial cleaning services in Toronto suggest ensuring the public restrooms to be used during the holiday party are deep cleaned and fully restocked for the comfort of party guests. It can be useful to have one person designated to check on the bathrooms throughout the party to ensure it maintains a level of cleanliness. 

Use Large Trash Cans in Common Areas

Offices have small trash cans placed near desks and in the kitchenette and bathrooms but with a holiday party, large garbage cans can keep the office tidy and neat. Place the cans in areas where people will be allowed to gather to prevent finding empty cups or plates with food on keyboards or on windowsills. 

Office Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a huge task, depending on the size of the office and the number of windows. As one of the fixtures often overlooked in preparation for an office party, clean windows can make a great impression on employees and guests. 

Post-Holiday Party Cleaning Checklists for Offices 

Big or small, holiday parties can leave a messy situation to have to face upon returning to the office after the holidays. To avoid dealing with the chaos in the new year, have the entire office cleaned, reorganized, sanitized, and disinfected the day after the party. 

Dispose of All Garbage

Janitorial cleaning services recommend ensuring all garbage is removed from the building before closing for the holidays. A party always produces more garbage than normal days, especially with food, wrapping, and disposable cups, plates and utensils. Don’t forget to check all of the smaller garbage cans throughout the office. 

Remove the Holiday Decorations 

As parties are usually scheduled just before the office closes for the holidays, it is a great time to remove all decorations before a deep clean is done. Any of the desk, wall, or ceiling decorations that were damaged before or during the party should be thrown out. Removing all decorations will prepare the office for the first business day back after the holidays. 

Deep Clean the Office Flooring

Holiday office parties bring laughter and spills. A proper after-party office cleaning includes a deep cleaning of the flooring. Any stains on carpeting should be dealt with first before carpet cleaning with a vacuum. Tile and laminate flooring will need a good sweeping before mopping to remove all bits of dirt and debris.  

Clean Office Kitchens and Restrooms

As one of the most used spaces for holiday parties, the kitchen will need a thorough organization and cleaning. Appliances, countertops, tables, chairs, and sinks will require a bit of elbow grease to restore to their original state. 

The second-most used space at any office is the bathroom. Tasks include removing the garbage, cleaning and sanitizing the toilet, sink, and any product holders. Mopping of the floor and disinfecting all handles and grab bars are essential. 

Sanitize and Disinfect All the Surfaces in the Office

Once the last of the party’s evidence is removed, it is time to perform sanitization and disinfection of the entire office. Using safe eco-friendly products, the high-touch surfaces, chairs, doors, and desks should be addressed. This ensures the office is ready for employees and clientele the next business day. 

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