Day porter commercial cleaning services are a safe and smart investment for most commercial and industrial businesses. By hiring a professional cleaning company, a business can expect to save money and time while securing a productive and loyal workforce. 

What Is a Day Porter and What Role Do They Play in Commercial Cleaning?

A day porter is part of a cleaning service that focuses on the day-to-day management of the cleaning and maintenance of a building. Each cleaning company has its own set of regular duties that correlate with the needs of a business. 

Day porters work during normal business hours with little to no disruption to the in-house employees, clientele, or residents. With their expertise, day porters perform various job duties without compromise on quality or time. 

What Makes Day Porters the Perfect Cleaning Solution for Commercial Buildings?

Any type of commercial building has the essential need to provide a safe and clean environment for its workers, residents, and visitors. Aside from casting a professional image and a great first impression, a business should be structured to provide a safe atmosphere, both physically and healthwise. Below are some of the main benefits of hiring day porter services. 

Professionally Trained for Commercial Cleaning

Day porters are properly trained in the world of cleaning and maintenance duties. A commercial building requires constant physical attention. While some businesses may require various levels of cleaning, day porters adapt to the needs. 

Enhances the Hygiene & Well-Being of Business Buildings’ Tenants/Offices

Managers and owners of small- to medium-sized businesses understand the importance of providing a healthy workspace and/or living environment. Day porters clean, disinfect, and sanitize high traffic areas several times a day, depending on the extent of the business and the layout of the building itself.   

Best Solution for Keeping Your Building Sanitized and Clean 

The importance of maintaining a clean and sanitized building has become second nature to everyone over the past few years. By having day porters provide regular cleaning services of all areas of the building(s), it lowers the risk for diseases and illness to be spread throughout the workplace or residence. 

Reduce Operational Costs and Save Time

Day porters are frequently used in conjunction with nightly and/or weekly janitorial services. While it may seem like an extra expense, having a day porter service can help save time, lowering operational costs. The basic cleaning, sanitization, and maintenance services of day porters allow for janitorial services to concentrate on the deep cleaning and allows for restocking to be done. 

Helps to Improve Productivity in Building Offices 

If business owners and property managers want to have a productive workforce or a pleasant living environment, providing a welcoming and healthy atmosphere begins with a meticulous clean space. In workspaces, employees are able to perform at optimal levels within a clean environment, increasing productivity. 

Facility Reputation and Appearance

A commercial, residential, or industrial facility is only as successful as the people it attracts. For aesthetic reasons, hiring day porters is an investment in the reputation of a business. Existing and potential clientele or residents expect a facility to be clean 24 hours a day, not just one day a week. 

Preventive Maintenance of Equipment and Assets Present in Buildings

With daily cleaning and inspection of a facility, day porters become the eyes and ears for management in ensuring the building and its contents are in fine working order. Along with cleaning services, day porters help with light maintenance jobs such as repairs and replacement of fixtures, walls, and furnishings.  

Common Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Day Porter

The duties of a day porter depend largely on the type of facility, location, and any specialized cleaning needs. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Inspections
  • Cleaning 
  • Disinfecting/Sanitization 
  • Litter cleanup 
  • Restocking of toiletries/paper products
  • Sweeping/vacuuming/mopping 
  • Window/glass cleaning 
  • Event set up/breakdown 
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Responding to emergency spills
  • Completing minor repairs
  • Minor improvements to building such as painting

When Is the Best Time to Onboard Day Porters?

Hiring a day porter service should be done with environments that see high traffic flow, require particular cleaning services, and/or have a policy on security clearance. A day porter can be the only cleaning service for your business or can work in conjunction with a nightly or weekly janitorial service. 

Tips for Hiring a Commercial Day Porter Company in Toronto

Day porters can be used in various fields such as offices, residential buildings, medical buildings, research facilities, and educational institutions. Before you hire a professional company, there are several crucial aspects to consider. 

Think about the Size of Your Building/Facility  

The amount of time allotted to a day porter cleaning service depends on the size of the facility in question. The larger the space, the more day porters that will need to be hired. 

Get Quotes from Different Companies or Contractors

As with all business ventures, it is important to have quotes/estimates from various cleaning companies. Each type of day porter business offers various cleaning services that can be customized and/or as a package quote involving specialized tasks. 

Look for Industry Expertise and Customer Reviews

Research the feedback of existing and past customers of each cleaning service. Reviews can be found on the company’s website and through various online review websites. Take note of both positive and negative reviews in terms of efficiency, costs, customer service levels, and friendliness.

Examine the Company’s Bond, Insurance, and License

Whether the commercial, residential, or industrial business has low or high levels of security involved in the day-to-day business, the chosen cleaning service should be licensed, insured, and bonded. The safety of everyone involved within the business requires complete coverage. 

Ask for More References

A reputable cleaning company with day porter services will produce references for clients. The references should be of businesses similar to the one seeking the service to compare the quality of tasks. 

Choose Experienced, Trustworthy, & Dedicated Cleaners

Through research and references of various cleaning companies, it will be easier to pinpoint the day porters that have proper training. Day porters are more than glorified cleaners. They have extensive training in using advanced equipment in a safe and efficient manner as well as education in the types of products used for specific tasks. 

How Much Do Day Porter Services Cost?

Adding a day porter service to the company’s budget can be difficult without fully understanding the costs of the needed tasks or job duties. Most cleaning companies base the cost on the size and type of facility as each one has its own cleaning requirements. Talking to those in similar industries can provide an estimate of what the costs might be. Day porter service are considered as an investment and asset for any business. 

What Is the Difference Between Janitorial Cleaning Services and Day Porters?

Although the terms day porter and janitorial service are often interchanged, there are significant differences with the tasks completed. 

A janitorial cleaning service is hired to perform cleaning services on a scheduled day(s), usually at a time when the business is closed or when there is a low traffic flow. Day porters are usually scheduled to work all day, regardless of the timing of the business. 

In most cases, a day porter service works in conjunction with a janitorial service to ensure the required tasks are completed as expected. There can be services that require an additional deep cleaning or specialized touch after hours. 

Which Is Ideal: A Day Porter or Janitorial Cleaning Services?

Deciding whether a property requires day porter or janitorial service depends on the needs of the business itself. Both services perform key aspects in the safety, cleaning, and sanitizing of a facility. Most commercial businesses use a combination of day porters and janitorial services offered by one company to ensure all areas are tackled. 

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