COVID-19 Disinfection Service in Toronto and the GTA

Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists provides professional commercial cleaning and sanitation services in Toronto and the GTA. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to increase our sanitation standards and practices to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. We’ve taken special precautions and steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses throughout the communities that we serve. Our technicians are fully trained and equipped to provide professional, effective, eco-friendly, and safe COVID-19 cleaning services in Toronto that are in full compliance with all official health and safety guidelines set by the province of Ontario.

What Is COVID-19 Disinfection?

Over the course of the pandemic, COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection protocols have been put in place and frequently updated as new information and research findings become available. COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection standards are set by large organizations such as WHO, Health Canada, Public Health Ontario, and the CDC.

COVID-19 disinfection includes electrostatic cleaning and ensuring that your workplace or facility has proper ventilation to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus by preventing it from settling on common touchpoints and surfaces.

Currently, cleaning and sanitation services in Toronto and the GTA are concentrating on implementing practices that are designed to eliminate pathogens, bacteria, and viruses on commonly touched surfaces in commercial, retail, and industrial spaces. The objective is to slow down and eliminate the spread of the virus in these high traffic areas to lower the rate of transmission and infection. Common touchpoints include public door handles, push-door plates, railings, countertops, elevator buttons, light switches, shelves, etc.

It’s important to thoroughly clean and disinfect these surfaces multiple times per day and provide hand sanitizing stations to ensure the efficacy of these protocols. The frequency with which common touchpoint surfaces are cleaned and disinfected depends on the amount of daily traffic these areas get.

Advanced COVID-19 Preventative and Safety Measures

At Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists, our team of cleaning and disinfection technicians has become extremely well-versed in the science behind preventing the spread of COVID-19. We’ve successfully and effectively adapted our tried and true cleaning and disinfecting practices to fight against existing and emerging COVID-19 variants.

Regardless of your vaccination status, it’s important to continue doing your part to protect your employees, customers, and community at large. Businesses can do this by providing multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout their premises, mandating that masks be worn in indoor and outdoor commercial spaces, encouraging people to stay six feet apart, and installing Plexiglas sneeze guards for customer-facing employees. Above all, businesses should invest in the COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection servicesprovided by Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialist in Toronto and the GTA.

Our COVID-19 Disinfection Methods

  • We use industrial anti-virus disinfectants that kill 99.99% of germs in your workplace
  • Electrostatic disinfection sprayers
  • Power washing
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Post-construction cleanup
  • Specialty cleaning
  • Medical facility cleaning

Get Professional COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Toronto and the GTA

We’re happy that your search for “COVID-19 cleaning services near me” has led you to Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists. With over 30 years of cleaning and sanitation services under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We want to do our part to help society return to some sense of normalcy as quickly as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services in Toronto.