The workplace can be a breeding ground for illness. The susceptibility of your workers depends largely on the cleanliness of the office. This is why offices need more than a basic cleaning service to avert airborne illnesses and pathogens. Commercial cleaning services in Toronto offer the expertise to maintain a safe and healthy workspace.

Winter season cleaning for commercial buildings can present challenges. Hiring a commercial janitorial cleaning company may be the best way to ensure your office is following all health and safety standards. Continue reading for tips for commercial office cleaning in Toronto

Deep Clean Your Floors in the Office

Cold and icy weather calls for footwear with deep grooves to help with traction. Boots collect road salt, slush, and snow that is tracked into the office building. Aside from the dirt and debris to dirty up the office floors, the melting snow leaves water. This water can not only cause slips and falls but if overlooked can be an invitation to mould and mildew. 

Exterior Maintenance for Commercial Places

Be sure to have the exterior maintained throughout the winter to avoid nasty falls and accidents. While the ground cover is crucial to keep clear of snow and ice, don’t forget about what’s above you. The snow and ice that collects on the roof will fall at some point and can cause damage below, or significant injury. 

Check Air Quality of Your Office

Most outdoor pollutants can enter a building through open windows and doors and ventilation systems. Commercial building cleaning services may not be able to stop outdoor they can ensure the components of your HVAC system are regularly cleaned and maintained. 

Disinfect to Eliminate Viruses from the Office Premises

It has been shown that employees have more sick days during the winter months. While colds and flus can happen, you can help prevent the spread by having regular disinfecting methods practiced regularly. Commercial disinfection services in Toronto use the most effective disinfectant to eliminate viruses from contact surfaces. 

Clean the Office Windows

Vitamin D is hard to come by during the dark days of winter. Having professional cleaners properly clean the windows will allow more sunlight, and natural light, in the office. Natural light is known to help with productivity as employees are happier and morale is higher.

Protect Your Commercial Walkways and Entry

Winter weather can wreak havoc on the roads, your parking lot, walkway, and entry. Your employees, clients, and delivery people need to have a safe footpath. Whether it be salt, or sand used after clearing of snow and ice, ensure debris is not tracked throughout the building. 

Hire Professionals for Your Commercial Office Cleaning Needs in Toronto

Swift Janitorial Cleaning Specialists employs a team of dependable, certified, and knowledgeable experts. We provide the best commercial cleaning service for your workspace in accordance with all health and safety standards. Before searching for “cleaning services near me”, call us today at (416) 712-8849 for a complimentary onsite estimate for your cleaning needs.