The holiday season is upon us and as we rush to finish end-of-year work tasks, don’t forget the cleaning and sanitation services. Hiring a commercial office cleaning service is just as vital to your workplace as residential cleaning services in Toronto are to your home. 

During this season, there is more traffic in your office or retail space. This creates clutter, especially due to holiday treats, gifts, and decorations. The winter weather can cause havoc as snow, salt, and sand can be driven into the carpet fibers and the grout of tile flooring. 

Despite the chaos, you need to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your employees and clients. Did you know that the workplace environment can have an adverse affect on workers’ productivity? A survey of employees uncovered a messy workspace has a 77% negative effect on their ability to perform at top form. 

Whether you have an overnight cleaning staff or looking to hire one for pre- and post-holiday cleaning services in Toronto, there are key elements for the in-between cleanings. 

Examine All the Cleaning Equipment & Products

Before any cleaning task, it is important to ensure your workspace has the required equipment and cleaning materials. Furthermore, check labels for expired dates and what products are to be used on specific materials. 

Keep Your Desks & Work Areas Tidy and Organized

In order to help the professional cleaning staff with their job, ensure the personal space of employees are kept tidy and clean. Clean computer screens and keyboards, vacuum or mop floors when slips occur, and constantly disinfect common touching surfaces.

Do Deep Cleaning and Maintenance

Most commercial places shut down for the holidays and this is prime time for a thorough and deep clean of the workspace. Perhaps there are corners and rooms that rarely see a cleaning cloth because of the stock or supply storage. With employees home for Christmas, now is the perfect time for these tasks.

Preparing Ahead of Time with Suitable Labelling

To help everyone, including the cleaning staff, ensure all products are properly labelled. It is important to label shelving units, filing cabinets, and cubicles. These small actions can help maintain organization and cleanliness in the office. 

Allow the Specialists to Handle the Situation

While some tasks can be done by employees, hiring a cleaning service on a daily or weekly basis can lighten the load for everyone. A professional cleaning service can tackle small and big jobs to ensure your office is at full production and your retail space is welcoming. 

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