If you operate any form of a commercial or industrial business in Toronto or the GTA, you might want to ire an industrial cleaning service in Toronto if you haven’t already. But before picking up the phone, there are some key elements to consider when choosing the right commercial cleaning services for your business. From the expertise and required knowledge of specialized cleaning to ensuring your employees are safe and healthy, we have some tips for choosing a cleaning service for any industry. 

What Are Industrial Cleaning Services?

Unlike basic office janitorial services, industrial cleaning requires specialized equipment, cleaning products, and safety guidelines. These types of services are often seen in factories, power plants, warehouses, and manufacturing buildings. Due to the amount of high traffic these businesses see on a daily basis, it’s crucial to have proper cleaning to remove debris before any sensitive machinery is affected. 

Types of Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Services 

Depending on your business, there may be specific cleaning services you are in search of. Most professional cleaning service companies provide basic cleaning but there are certain tasks that may be required. Commercial floor services can include stripping, sealing, and refinishing. Any carpeting and furniture may be regularly cleaned by industrial equipment. There is always a need for glass and window cleaning, in all areas, including offices and lavatories. 

Extra cleaning services may be needed such as loading dock cleaning, recycling, garbage removal, thorough sanitation, and basic repairs and maintenance. 

How to Choose Industrial/Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

Choosing a commercial cleaning and janitorial service should take time and effort on your part. There are certain factors to consider such as the company’s reliability, cleaning methods, experience, and even availability. Compare these with your needs. Furthermore, if your business is eco-friendly, many cleaning services offer such products as well as chemical-free cleaning ingredients. Cleaning services for various industries in Toronto often undertake many roles. It’s up to you to ensure your business is in good hands.

Do Your Research

Research is key when hiring anyone to fill a position within your company. You won’t hire a staff member before an interview or checking references and the same should go for hiring a cleaning team. Start with online reviews, ask fellow business owners who they have worked with, and read over the candidates’ website.

In fact, by reading the cleaning service’s website, you can learn about notable service awards they have received, as well as see which companies they have worked with so that you know who to contact for references. 

Check for Experience 

Experience and knowledge go hand-in-hand and a professional cleaning company should have both. While the years a company has been in business often reflects the experience, it’s really the team members who bring the expertise to any job. A professional cleaning service will provide references upon inquiring. You should also ask whether the cleaning service requires background checks on their employees—employees who will be spending a lot of time in sensitive areas of your business.

The important aspect of the company is whether they have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle cleaning your business. If you operate a factory or medical facility, your company’s cleaning protocols may be different than those of an office building, especially in terms of size and sanitation requirements. Also check with the potential cleaning company if they offer special cleaning service in case of an emergency such as a flooding. 

Ask about Quality Control 

Quality control is an important aspect across the board for every business. In regard to a cleaning service, investigate their quality control measures to ensure every clean is a thorough clean. When it comes to a safe and healthy environment for your employees, strict cleaning protocols should be followed at all times. The cleaning service team will also appreciate knowing your expectations before beginning a job. 

Get a Quote

Reputable cleaning services should provide a detailed quote once all terms are discussed. Take note of the ones who require a site visit to gather the dimensions and physical attributes of the business. These companies will be interested in the material of the flooring and the size of the rooms to determine the services they may be able to provide. Ask what services will be provided under the quote given such as window cleaning, deep cleaning of carpeting, or special seasonal cleaning. 

Ask about Transparent Billing 

The best business practice is trust and the one way to show mutual trust and respect is through actions. This can be seen through the handling of the business, more specifically, the interaction with clients, on paper and in person. It is crucial that everyone involved be transparent in their transactions such as estimates, quotes, and billing systems. A trusted professional cleaning service should be able to align with your company’s schedule, budget, and needs. In other words, don’t sign on the dotted line until both parties agree on the contract terms. 

Check for Insurance Proof

You have commercial business insurance to protect your livelihood in terms of potential issues such as vandalism, theft, natural disasters, and fire. As you know, ensuring all subcontractors are fully bonded and insured is essential to the success of any business. This holds true to your cleaning service as well. A professional cleaning company should have full liability insurance for any injuries incurred by their employees while performing tasks on your property. When discussing insurance terms, it may be good to ask for proof of insurance. 

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