The office environment is known to be a dust trap with the frequent movement of people, paper, and running of office equipment. Even the most air-tight environment can be invaded by dust, dirt, and debris from outside sources. 

Dust can become a serious health hazard, particularly for employees and clientele with respiratory issues. For this reason alone, we will look at the top nine ways to make office spaces as dust-free as possible. 

1. Start Dusting from Top to Bottom

When office cleaning in Toronto, it is recommended to begin dusting from the top surface, such as ledges and light fixtures. Work downwards by dusting the walls, tops of cubicles, desks and office equipment. Any airborne dust will be captured and trapped by a properly working HVAC system. 

2. Replace or Maintain the Air Filters

In the first step in how to make workplaces dust-free, consider giving detailed attention to your air filters. Air filters quickly become dirty and clogged with dust and debris, causing a buildup of dust in the air and on surfaces. These air filters can be found in ventilation systems within the HVAC system, regular air conditions and air purifiers, and in any form of furnace unit. Washing and changing filters as needed can help reduce the amount of dust in an office. 

3. Wipe Down the Office Windows & Blinds on a Regular Basis 

While many Toronto offices have windows that do not open, airborne dust can still settle along the inside windowsill and panes. Furthermore, most of the day is spent inside, prompting the need for as much natural light as possible to boost morale among employees. Cleaning the windows and wiping down the blinds are not a top priority on a daily basis but should be done on a regular schedule. 

4. Give Extra Attention to Cleaning the Radiators 

Professional office commercial cleaning services in Toronto will clean every corner of the office to eliminate dust particles. Any radiators in the building should be cleaned regularly as dust can quickly settle into open surfaces of the appliance. 

5. Vacuum the Workplace Regularly

Sweeping the floors can be a quick and easy way to tidy up messes and spills that can occur throughout the day. Sweeping can just move the dirt, dust, and debris around the room to become airborne. Using a vacuum is a better way to clean heavy-traffic surfaces and furnishings. Vacuum attachments can also help clean drapes, curtains, and small spaces. 

6. Mop Your Floors Regularly

Part of any form of office cleaning in the GTA involves a thorough cleaning of the floors. Sweeping and vacuuming is only half the battle as stubborn debris, dirt, food, and spills can be an invitation for bacteria to form. To ensure proper cleaning, allow the floors to dry completely before use.

7. Keep Outside Dirt at Bay by Using a Doormat 

As there is no such thing as a magic door to keep dirt and dust outside, a door mat is the next best thing. Placing commercial-grade mats in accordance with the seasons to trap snow, mud, and rain can help reduce the amount of dirt tracked throughout the office. As dirt dries, it can quickly become airborne and travel throughout the ventilation system and settle on surfaces. 

8. Use the Correct Cleaning Equipment and Materials 

Unlike at home, cleaning an office environment takes more than just a cloth, furniture polish, and a vacuum. For a proper clean, consider investing in commercial cleaning equipment and products, preferably eco-friendly products that are proven safe for everyone. 

9. Hire Professional Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Offices

As having employees perform cleaning duties can eat into the productivity and budget, consider hiring a professional team of commercial cleaning services. In addition to saving time and money, hiring office cleaning services in Toronto can guarantee a thorough clean with the right equipment and products. 

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