When it comes to cleaning services for offices in Toronto, it is important to ensure the company you choose has the safety and health of your employees in mind. Having a clean office goes further than just making a great first impression, it needs to promote productivity and job satisfaction among those who spend time in the environment. 

In any office space, there are areas that require more attention than others on a daily basis. These areas are frequently used and seen by employees as well as clientele. To ensure your office is presented in a friendly and safe manner, here are 9 important areas of your office that need regular cleaning services.

Door Handles and Handrails

If you think about it, door handles are probably the most contaminated spots in any office. The second most used spot in an office building may be the handrails on stairwells, elevators, and escalators. Employees, clientele, and delivery people touch door knobs and handles dozens of time throughout the day. 

Front Entrance

Your dedicated employees and regular clientele obviously know and understand the professionalism of your business. This allegiance should not be neglected by allowing things to fall by the wayside, starting with the front entrance. Plus, attracting new clientele starts with a good first impression, so make sure your front entrance is clean and welcoming!

Hardwood Floors

While hardwood floors may not be a source of cold and flu germs, they can quickly become riddled with dirt, grease, and grime. Foot traffic on top of the debris can damage the hardwood causing scratches, marks, and nicks to be permanently indented. Commercial cleaning products are designed to repair and protect hard surfaces. 

Keyboards, Mice, and Computers

For most office workers, using a computer is inevitable. When employees are required to share computer keyboards and accessories, this can be a major source of spreading viruses. Specialized disinfectants and cleaners are used to remove germs and debris from between keyboard keys, on the screens, and from tools like a mouse. 

Furniture and Upholstery

In offices, furniture and upholstery are commonly used by employees and clientele. Only a professional Toronto office cleaning company has the proper tools and specialized cleaners to treat these jobs. Upholstered items can include, but are not limited to, office chairs, sofas, and cubicle walls. 

Curtains, Folds, and Blinds

As most commercial cleaners include office window cleaning services in their packages, it may also entail proper cleaning of curtains, folds, and blinds. Cleaning windows is the perfect opportunity to attend to the window treatments as well since they can easily collect dust and dirt.

Reception Areas

First impressions are key, especially when it comes to welcoming new clientele and employees. The reception area of the office needs to be pristine and inviting to everyone. Reception layouts have upholstered furniture, high-traffic flooring, and most importantly, shared items such as magazines, water dispensers, and armrests. These and other components of a reception area are prime targets for bacteria and viruses, not to mention dirt and grime from the outside elements. 

Ventilation Spaces and Ducts

The air flowing throughout the office should not be ignored. Ventilation fans and ducts are another overlooked space during regular cleaning, although they are the breeding grounds for airborne viruses. Germs, dirt, and debris that are collected within the ductwork can easily be moved throughout the office air space. Ensure the professional commercial cleaning service includes regular cleaning of ventilation systems. 

Kitchen and Eating Areas

One of the commonly used spaces by employees is the kitchen and/or break rooms. Aside from the potential for germs to be spread by sharing appliances and their handles, food particles are another serious concern. With any cleaning and sanitation services, the kitchen and break room requires special attention to ensure all spills and dropped crumbs are cleaned. In addition to bacteria and viruses, food areas can attract pests and rodents, all of which carry diseases. 

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