A warehouse can only run efficiently if the workers are able to perform their tasks in an organized, clean, healthy workspace. Hiring a janitorial cleaning specialist to maintain a clean warehouse can improve employee morale, increase productivity, and lead to a boost in sales.

A warehouse involves a heavy flow of traffic of workers and machinery moving products and creating hazardous conditions if not regularly attended to. Papers, liquids, plastics, and pallets can be an accident waiting to happen if left lying around. 

In this article, we will look at the top 11 tips for warehouse cleaning that management, workers, and the cleaning crew can use to make a warehouse operate smoothly. 

Schedule the Days for Cleaning the Warehouse

Commercial cleaning services for warehouses can help managers schedule a time for the cleaning of the facility. As warehouses have various spaces that may require more attention than others, a floor manager can help determine the best time of day to clean specific areas in the warehouse. Concentrate on the areas most used by workers to maintain a clean environment for the sake of their health and safety. 

List the To-Do’s

Cleaning a building takes more than just a rag and a bucket. There can be dozens of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that require attention with the proper tools and cleaning products. Having a cleaning checklist will help manage the scheduling to ensure nothing is overlooked. This is especially important for warehouses that house perishable goods and raw materials. 

Empty the Garbage

One of the more “forgotten” tasks can be waste management. Often times, the smaller garbage cans throughout the warehouse can be left for the cleaning crew. Emptying the garbage cans should be everyone’s responsibility to prevent overflow throughout the day. Full garbage bins can cause tripping hazards and attract pests and rodents. Schedule the emptying of the smaller bins into the outside garbage containers throughout the day.

Consider Your Cleaning Procedures

A Toronto cleaning company that specializes in warehouses understand how large of an undertaking the job can be. Facility managers should review the current cleaning procedures to see where improvements are needed and what works best for everyone involved. Ensuring regular assessments are completed will benefit the warehouse workers and the professional cleaning staff. 

Mop & Vacuum Floors

A warehouse houses various high-traffic areas, including business offices and lunchrooms. It only takes one small spill of liquid to cause an accident. The flooring of a warehouse may not be sparkling clean, but they certainly should be free from tripping and slipping hazards. Concentrating on all floors throughout the facility will help keep everyone safe and healthy from harmful bacteria and germs. 

Focus on Hard-to-Reach Areas 

Like a home, a warehouse has nooks and crannies hidden high and low that tend to be overlooked when the regular cleaning is done. The difference is a warehouse shelters more dust and debris in more hard-to-reach areas than a home. This is where a cleaning schedule comes into play. The storage racks, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and structural support beams all need to be attended to. 

Clean Up Spills Fast

Spills are one of the top three causes of serious accidents in warehouses. From food and beverage spills in the breakroom to hazardous liquids on the warehouse floor, it is important that all spills are cleaned immediately. Leaving the spill for the nightly cleaning crew is not an option. Facility managers should have the proper equipment of paper towels, mops, cleaning products, safety goggles, and gloves on-hand for all employees to use at any time.  

Use Shelves for Safety

For a warehouse to run efficiently, it requires proper spacing for workers to perform all tasks. Rather than piling pallets and products along aisles or against the wall, take advantage of the height of the structure. Using shelves for safety reasons is the key to running a smooth operation, especially in larger warehouses. This can help assist with maintaining a clean and organized environment as well. 

Clean the Breakroom

In most work environments, the breakroom can quickly become a magnet for germs, rodents, and pests. Cleaning the breakroom several times throughout the day will help prevent it from becoming an unhealthy space. Having employees care for the little tasks such as wiping tables, counters, and spills while ensuring dishes are washed after use is an effective cleaning method. Furthermore, the deep cleaning of the breakroom or kitchenette may be part of the professional cleaning service. 

Make a Habit of Cleaning as You Work

Bad habits are hard to break, and good habits can sometimes be hard to make. A warehouse manager may want to consider creating a cleaning task for each section or zone of the facility. Employees working in these specific areas would be responsible to maintain a clean working space throughout their shift. Before leaving for the day, a task checklist can be filled out to ensure everyone does their part in making it a better environment for the next shift. This is part of teamwork. 

Hire Cleaning Professionals

Industrial janitorial cleaning professionals in Toronto know how, when, and why a thorough cleaning of a warehouse can affect employees and the business. A commercial cleaning company has the proper tools, products, and resources to ensure even the largest warehouse is a safe and healthy environment for all that enter. The professionals can adapt their schedule and cleaning methods for the benefit of your business.

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